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    Get a Direct Loan or Investment through us!

    If you’re looking for loans or investments for any purpose contact us about your needs. Whether you’re considering secured or unsecured loans, we will help you to find the best loans with the lowest interest rates and the most preferential terms available to suit your individual circumstances.

    We offer services to find investment opportunities for angel investors, venture capital investors and individual investors. The best and fastest way to invest money in any business sphere can be found only here.

    You can also search through our database of those looking for venture capitalists, business angels and investors.

    Global Credit Bancorp offers the finance you need with the flexibility and the best features.

    Our Offer:

    • Funding for specific purposes
    • Competitive interest rates, fixed or variable
    • Flexible repayment options (grace period)

    Interest Rate Options:

    Your loan rates are calculated using a competitive base rate plus a customer margin. Choose from variable or fixed interest rates or our lending base rates, which give you the security of a known rate for your interest rate period plus the flexibility of a rate reset at the end of every interest rate period.

    Repayment Options: Structured repayments to suit cash flow and seasonal fluctuations: Interest Only in Advance (fixed rates only); Interest Only in Arrears; Principal and interest in arrears.

  • Equity FinancingOpen or Close

    Global Credit Bancorp is involved in a wide range of equity finance activities to support the needs of our clients. Our primary business is the financing and lending of equities to hedge fund and alternative investment managers. Our team of professionals has extensive industry experience and is committed to helping our clients achieve their financing goals. People make the difference and the our finance team is recognized for pro-activeness, innovation and service.

    Proven Performance:

    • Extensive stock loan supply
    • Attractive financing options
    • Timely market and account information
    • Capital Introduction Program
    • Straight through processing
    • Flexible on-line reporting
  • Venture CapitalOpen or Close

    Our goal is to identify and finance young companies worldwide during their start-up phase and to provide established companies with additional capital for their growth plans during the expansion phase. Through our portfolio companies, we offer our customers new technological solutions and tap new markets.

    Our Venture Capital Division consists of an Extensive Database of over 7,000 Potential Investors from a wide diversity of industries and countries.

    Terms: A certain percentage of Equity in Company must be given up. Sometimes Venture Capitalists like to be placed on the Board of Directors or have an active role in the management of the Company.

  • Angel InvestorsOpen or Close

    We know the frustration of trying to get a commercial/business deal done that does not fit inside the box of conventional underwriting. We teamed up with securities specialists who showed us that there are other means of obtaining financing when banks say 'No".

    Global Credit Bancorp is actively involved with numerous Angel Investor Groups across the world. Angel Investors are willing to provide funding for start-up businesses without asking for a large equity stake in the growing business.

    Terms: A certain percentage of Equity in Company must be given up.

  • Import and Export FinanceOpen or Close
    • Do you buy or sell goods internationally?
    • Are you a small or new business selling to large firms?
    • You likely need Letters of Credit or import/export financing services such as Purchase Order Financing and Invoice/Contract Financing.

    We can help you with these financial instruments and tools, which may be required or helpful in completing your international transactions.

  • Financing ProcessOpen or Close
  • Business PlanOpen or Close

    Need a Dynamic and Convincing Business Plan to Win the Attention of Investors?

    Global Credit Bancorp uses information, gathers additional available data, critically examines the numbers (actual and projected) and thoroughly researches the company and the industry.

    From there we develop and prepare a business plan that is accurate, concise, easily understood and exciting to read. We know what your target audience wants to see and understand the subtle balance is in presenting a compelling plan which reflects your company's potential.

  • Due DiligenceOpen or Close

    We perform due diligence and business analysis for organizations that are contemplating investments, strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions or that are looking to enhance organizational effectiveness in an existing business unit or portfolio company.

    We offer a confidential, sound, unbiased perspective as the ideal complement to your internal resources.

    Projects are customized based on client needs. Due diligence services range from initial validation of targets to detailed on-site due diligence visits to the preparation of complete integration plans.

  • Feasibility StudyOpen or Close

    A feasibility study is the best way to determine whether a new venture will be viable with investors and in the marketplace. Creating a study requires a range of skill sets including finance, operations and marketing, as well as significant industry-specific knowledge.

    With an integrated team of strategy consultants, financial advisors and investment bankers, Global Credit Bancorp is uniquely positioned to drive every aspect of feasibility study creation and subsequent business plan development.

    After performing market and opportunity analysis, we can drive idea generation and refinement; identification and selection of partners; and deal closure and project launch.

  • Legal & Financial ConsultingOpen or Close

    We provide consulting services to entrepreneurs and small and medium business owners. Whether you need help identifying local markets for your business, are developing a business plan and want a second opinion, or have compliance issues you'd like to clarify, our consultants are ready to help you grow your business.

    Our legal and financial consultants help entrepreneurs develop the planning, management, and financial skills necessary to make their business thrive. Consulting is confidential and provided by a staff of skilled professionals.