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  • Sales Representative Service   ?
    Sales representatives sell your products and services in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, reaching potential business partners over the telephone, in person, and through letter-writing. Sales representative identifies potential distributors and importers for stocking and distributing.

    Our service also includes:

    1. Review your product to assess demand in certain markets.
    2. Promote your product. Identify and contact regular and prospective customers to demonstrate products, explain product features and solicit orders.
    3. Estimate or quote prices, credit or contract terms, warranties, and delivery dates.
    4. Arrange and direct delivery and installation of products and equipment.
    5. Negotiate details of contracts and payments.
    6. Prepare sales contracts and order forms.
    7. Have permanent contact person to identify and solve your current problems.
    8. Promote company through website, exhibitions, email marketing.

    Price to suit any budget: from $225 a month * Commissions are negotiatable on case- by- case basis.
  • Virtual and Representative Offices   ?
    GBDC provides virtual office services to companies willing to have Virtual or Representative office in the Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. If you are Virtual Office service user, prospective clients can reach you any time in our region. GBDC offers a global network of Virtual Offices that delivers an array of workplace solutions to support your office needs including VIP address in the business center, telephone answering, conference rooms and full reception/administrative support services at flat rate. Besides, we provide the representative office service in the US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and other countries of Europe and Asia. The representative office service includes service of dedicated consultant.

    Price to suit any budget: from $125 a month

    * No Long Term Agreement! There is no minimum term when paying monthly, all we require is one month notice to cease the agreement.

    * Annual payers receive a 10 % discount.

  • Business Partner Search Program   ?
    Searching and filtering information about companies in unknown market is time consuming and less efficient way to find reliable business partner. Through our business network we will find long term and short term reputable partner companies for you in Turkey, Caucasus, Ukraine and Central Asia region. We provide exclusive service for the western companies that seek long term partnership for investment, export/import, franchising, distribution. If your decision is joint venture for developing new project or expansion into new market you need to trust your partner. GBDC offers to match the right business partners for you whose due diligence can give you the reassurance you need that the business partnership will be reliable and profitable one.

    Use our service and benefit from mutually advantageous prospective partnership.
  • Market Entry Services   ?
    If you have made decision to enter Turkey, Caucasus, Ukraine and Central Asia markets , we have variety of the solutions for you. GBDC provides information on existing trends in industries and markets, market players, competitors, market niches, consumer preferences. Having done all the preparatory planning work we offer market entry strategy and a marketing mix. Through our network companies we ensure to conduct product planning, pricing, branding, distributing, advertising, direct sales. GBDC provides exclusive service to promote your business and products globally by participation in exhibitions, trade shows, business forums and conferences through the network of the Global Business Development Center. GBDC provides complete company registration services for the companies interested in expanding their business activities in Turkey, Caucasus, Ukraine and Central Asia countries. Through our business network we provide consultancy on business, tax, labor legislation in several countries.
  • Direct Selling Network    ?
    GBDC have launched direct e-marketing project: e-marketing outsourcing team. Our organization has sales agents that are competent in providing direct e-marketing and selling services. We use database of the companies that work in 26 industries worldwide. Besides, we cover the Commonwealth of independent States, Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Caucasus Region and Central Asia that are relatively absent in B2B on-line network. The sales agents mostly work using opt-in lists to reach prospective clients.

    We are pleased to offer our service to your company to sell your product/service through our network. Using our service you will get an opportunity to reach companies in over 42 countries and 26 industries around the world, including emerging markets in the CIS, CEE, Turkey, Caucasus Region and Central Asia. We conduct the targeted sales based on preliminary identified criteria as well.
  • Long – Term Loans   ?
    GBDC has well established partnership with the Western financing companies and financial institutions that are willing to provide funds for the promising business projects in Commonwealth of independent States, Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Caucasus Region and Central Asia. The financing companies have different eligibility criteria and requirements for the projects. GBDC provides assistance to the regional companies to fit initial application process and criteria of the western companies.
  • Investment Opportunities  ?
    Our region has been able to maintain, under extremely difficult conditions, a reasonable balance of stability and openness and has developed a determination to move forward in opening up the economy and privatizing in a reasonable fashion. The legislation and other conditions which have been established are very favorable to international business. Natural resources, fast business growth, opportunity to invest in many sectors of any particular industry gives a high return on investment to interested financial groups who want to have his share of contribution in the emerging market growth in the region. Turkey, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Central Asia and CIS are countries that have vast potential of business growth that can be increased by proper and reasonable investment. GBDC will provide all kind of investment opportunities to interested authorities if such need arises.
  • Due Diligence   ?
    If you are going through any type of expansion into new markets you need due diligence - elimination of future surprises and huge unexpected expenses. Due diligence process removes uncertainty from the key decisions concerning prospective partners in the unknown markets. With proper due diligence profits can be maximized and losses can be minimized. GBDC provides assistance in due diligence. Based on our own resources and outsource transactions we offer due diligence in Turkey, Caucasus countries, Ukraine and Central Asia region. The relevant areas may include the financial, legal, tax, environment and market/commercial situation of the company. You can benefit from our service and navigate in new markets safely.
  • GBDC Affiliate Reseller Program  ?
    Looking for a new source of revenue with little or no additional work? Become an affiliate of GBDC, earn 30% of commission on all sales. Start earning money in less than 5 minutes. It Is Easy To Make Multiple Sales Per Day!

    Affiliate Program Features:
    • You will receive30% commission for each referral sale we close.
    • It is free to join.
    • It is easy to join.

    Instant results and satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Other Service